Thermofoil Doors

Thermofoil Doors

New Kitchen for Less

Many homeowners say that the kitchen is the centre of their home, and have aspirations for renovating the kitchen to live up to their dreams. They may have stacks of magazines detailing stunning kitchen overhauls or watch endless hours of HGTV, where the half hour kitchen renovation seems doable. But for many of us who take sledgehammers to kitchen cabinets in our sleep, a full kitchen renovation is just not in the budget. Fortunately, a kitchen upgrade does not have to be an all or nothing project!

Let’s say that you are fine with the overall layout of your kitchen, but wish you could fit in a newer, larger refrigerator. Since kitchen cabinets are often built around a refrigerator, most people think that the only option is to tear everything out and start over. This is when thermofoil can be the perfect option. In fact, Ballycastle does at least one project exactly like this, each week!

Or, what if you want to update your kitchen’s style, but the existing cabinetry is still in good condition? In this case Ballycastle offers lots of colour options so that all you have to do is bring in your old cabinet doors, and in 2-3 weeks you will have new doors to re-install. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of stripping and refinishing your existing cabinets. As well, with all the colour options available, you can make your kitchen a showpiece.

Colours and Styles

Thermofoil doors come in various styles and colours. See the many different options provided by Ballycastle here.


Because Ballycastle is a one stop shop, performing almost all manufacturing in one location, we provide an excellent warranty for our products.

Care and Maintenace

Thermofoil doors are an excellent choice because of how easy they are to take care of. Click here for basic instructions.

Vinyl Samples

Here are some of our most popular vinyl styles and colours. You can choose between solid, textured, wood grain and high gloss.

Solid Vinyl

Textured Vinyl

Wood Grain Vinyl

High Gloss Vinyl

Route Patterns

Each thermofoil door with a raised panel profile is available in a variety of Route Patterns.

Door Outer Edge

There are a number of choices for the outer edge for your thermofoil doors.


Moulding options at Ballycastle.


Handle options at Ballycastle.