Client Testimonials

My husband and I have retired in Kenora . We could not afford a new kitchen now that we are on a fixed income. Our Kenora friends just finished replacing their old oak kitchen doors with Ballycastle Thermofoil doors. It was an amazing difference . We had the european kitchen with the melamine doors with the oak wood handle . Cherie the owner was helpful in guiding us in step by step instructions in replacing our doors. Our old kitchen now looks young with white shaker doors and we put in drawers for my pot and pans.

-McKenzie Family

My company stayed with my wife and I for 2 weeks. My company (sister) melted the light valance and door by leaving the kettle nose directed at cabinet and no hoodfan on every morning . At the end of the visit I noticed the vinyl melted away from MDF. I was so upset we had this kitchen for 5 years and no problems . My sister comes and destroys my kitchen in 2 weeks. I talked to Cherie the owner and she replaced the valance and door for $ 30 her cost . She told me I was her customer for life and she would only charge me at cost. The best part the new door and valance the colour matched perfectly to the 5 year old doors

-happy customer Joe

I had to sell my house quickly and my kitchen looked disgusting but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I found Ballycastle online and filled out their door order form for a quote. The price was $800 plus tax – cheap!!. I brought in all my doors and Marcel the owner measured them. I got brand new doors with hinge holes in 2 weeks FAST.

Real Estate Agent Claude


– Gaylene