How To Take Care Of Thermofoil Doors

How To Take Care Of Thermofoil Doors

Do you you want your kitchen to look brand new, even years down the road?  Care and maintenance of your Thermofoil cabinets couldn’t be easier.


To clean the Thermofoil cabinets simply use regular dish detergent with a de-greaser, like Palmolive, and luke warm water.  No special soaps or cleaners required!


Heat or steam will melt doors or cause de-lamination over time. Sources of steam, like a kettle or a toaster oven should be positioned away from thermofoil cabinetry. Use an exhaust fan to reduce the direct contact of steam with cabinetry.

Pull the toaster to the front edge of the counter top when in use. This will eliminate the risk of vinyl door melting.

Ballycastle recommends the installation of heat shields on cabinets beside stoves to prevent vinyl shrinking.

Caution: As typical stove self cleaning cycles run at very high temperatures, a malfunctioning stove door gaskets will cause damage in all types of cabinetry.

What does it look like when Vinyl is melted???

The vinyl shrinks and the mdf will be exposed. When the vinyl protrudes out in a convex way on a door, there is typically a small heat source from a window or crystal acting as a magnifier.

An example of melted vinyl.

An example of melted vinyl from a kitchen without heat shields on cabinetry beside an oven.